About Me

Embedded Software Engineer

with 14+ years of experience, writing high quality code. Developed firmware for imaging systems, gateways, industrial routers, firewalls or embedded devices. Very good knowledge of Linux and buildsystems. Deep understanding of open source community interaction.


What I Do.

Provide software architecture and development services in the field of Linux, FreeBSD and Open Source Software for embedded systems.


Drive and design various software solutions ranging from gateways, imaging systems, firewalls, industrial routers to other embedded devices. Prepare and deploy CI/CD framework such as Gitlab or Jenkins.


Strong understanding of the OSI model. Integrate Voice Stack, VPN solution and TCP/IP Network stack on gateways. Implementation, configuration and optimization of various network protocols. Understanding of complex network attacks. Reverse engineering on network protocols.

Embedded Development

Develop or integrate software components within the Yocto, RDKB, Buildroot or OpenWRT projects. Board bring-up. Develop Device Tree and configure Linux Kernel. Experience with U-Boot.


Experience in working with small and large teams of software developers. Kind to receive remarks and share knowledge to the other team members. Interact and upstream patches to open source community.

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